Storytelling Techniques: Your business & the UN SDG’s

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Make your story one to remember: a storytelling workshop to entrepreneurs discover their impact towards the global goals and learn how to share it with the world. Did you know that the United Nations recognizes entrepreneurship as a critical component of development, enshrining it within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)? Consumers are increasingly opting for [...]


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In May of 2018, Local Democracy Georgia, European Ways and 4 other European NGOs with the funding support and partnership of Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs developed a vocational training program in Georgia called Green Startups. This partnership brought together a large array of stakeholders and disseminate best practices of renewable energy and the benefits and [...]

Social Entrepreneurship 101

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Stay tuned for our upcoming event on Social Entreprenuership 101  In this Intro to Social Entrepreneurship, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the social entrepreneurship space and share some insights on: - Defining social entrepreneurship - The difference between entrepreneurship vs. social entrepreneurship - Why social entrepreneurship is needed in the world [...]

Dimensions and Elements to create a much needed Social Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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A need to understand the complex and integrated phenomenon of a social entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly if its city-specific is vital. One can still find it a challenge to obtain information about the nature of social entrepreneurship in today's world as well as the sort of environments that support the entrepreneurial system. Worldwide the relevance of Social [...]

Achieving sustainable development via social enterprises and innovation

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Lately, we observe a remarkable and growing interest in social entrepreneurship. These changemakers are becoming the central force of a social economy that reflects local and regional needs and pursue complex goals. By social economy, we mean Non-governmental Organizations, Non-profit organizations, cooperatives, voluntary groups and social enterprises; the niche between the government and private sector. [...]

Social Bricoleur – The Case of Cycling Without Age

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Creating Something from Nothing A conventional entrepreneur brings together a unique set of resources to pursue an opportunity; seeking primarily to create an economic value. Yet, what makes many agog with curiosity is to understand how social entrepreneurs differ from such commercial entrepreneurs. Firstly, social entrepreneurs commonly share the same pursuit of revenue generation with [...]