Arctic Film Festival

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Together we can create a call for action both in developed and developing countries to ensure no one is left behind. At SOCENTCPH, we are constantly asking ourselves how much progress have we made? As partners, what is needed to achieve the 2030agenda? How can we ensure the needed resources to effectively mobilize and monitor [...]

Storytelling Techniques: Your business & the UN SDG’s

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Make your story one to remember: a storytelling workshop to entrepreneurs discover their impact towards the global goals and learn how to share it with the world. Did you know that the United Nations recognizes entrepreneurship as a critical component of development, enshrining it within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)? Consumers are increasingly opting for [...]


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In May of 2018, Local Democracy Georgia, European Ways and 4 other European NGOs with the funding support and partnership of Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs developed a vocational training program in Georgia called Green Startups. This partnership brought together a large array of stakeholders and disseminate best practices of renewable energy and the benefits and [...]