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Social Impact Starter

We will help you redefined your impact strategies that include social media and branding content. But also how to share them effectively through these communication outlets.

Social Media Package

Create Social Media Outlets

Co-create branding strategies that reflect your impact

Video usability


Specific tools to help you catalize your social impact


Life Map

Develop your leadership presence

Storytelling techniques: expressiveness, body language Presentation Skills

Putting it all together: Your story into a Presentation Prepare you to pitch to potential investors


Human-centered Design

Improving the usability and user experience of a certain product or service.


Learn the 4 phases of HCD

Learn new strategies that combine your user research with new design opportunities.

Creative techniques to prototype and launch.

Test your prototype with real users and get feedback for improvement.

Designing Social Enterprises

Help in creating a business model that

An Impact Model

Go through a process that helps create a social enterprise that ensures the alignment of its business model to its environmental context in order to maximize its probability to succeed.


Let’s cultivate collaboration to build the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Copenhagen.

Talks & Panel Discussions

Latest Trends

Shall we create a voice and guidance to what is happening in Copenhagen’s social impact ecosystem?


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Let's Organize it!

Want to bring together scholars, researchers, students and practitioners from around the world to discuss emerging concepts and explore topics in social enterprise, innovation, sustainability and impact

Impact Hackaton

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Shall we get together with fellow creatives, storytellers, developers and entrepreneurs for one full weekend of creativity, new connections and experiences while discovering Copenhagen from a different perspective?