Achieving sustainable development via social enterprises and innovation

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Lately, we observe a remarkable and growing interest in social entrepreneurship. These changemakers are becoming the central force of a social economy that reflects local and regional needs and pursue complex goals. By social economy, we mean Non-governmental Organizations, Non-profit organizations, cooperatives, voluntary groups and social enterprises; the niche between the government and private sector. [...]

Social innovation – solutions to unmet needs

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"We cannot solve the problem with the same thinking we used when we created them" - Albert Einstein When tackling problems that cannot be easily solved by using conventional ways of problem-solving, innovation gets into the center. What Albert Einstein is, in fact, referring to in the quote above is the necessity for innovative solutions. Much [...]

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Social Bricoleur – The Case of Cycling Without Age

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Creating Something from Nothing A conventional entrepreneur brings together a unique set of resources to pursue an opportunity; seeking primarily to create an economic value. Yet, what makes many agog with curiosity is to understand how social entrepreneurs differ from such commercial entrepreneurs. Firstly, social entrepreneurs commonly share the same pursuit of revenue generation with [...]