In May of 2018, Local Democracy Georgia, European Ways and 4 other European NGOs with the funding support and partnership of Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs developed a vocational training program in Georgia called Green Startups. The partnership brought together an array of stakeholders to disseminate best practices of renewable energy and the benefits and opportunities to start an ecologically friendly business.

Around 45 participants from the ages of 18-32 attended the Green Startup program and they represented the countries of Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Jordan, Italy, Spain, and Ukraine. The location of the program was made in Kobuleti, a beach town on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

During this 10-day training program, SOCENT CPH provided a 1-day storytelling workshop to help young entrepreneurs develop skills to share their impact stories to the world. Our goal was to shed light on the science of storytelling for business and community impact. As a result, our goal aimed at helping shape their startup vision and mission into a personal story.

“We asked ourselves, why is the idea of storytelling particularly important to green entrepreneurs? Great stories become an entrepreneur’s most powerful tool to not just to draw in new customers but mainly to disseminate their vision – their purposeful vision”, said founder Adriana Romero-Andersen.

Today, young people face plenty of challenges in creating a bright future for themselves. Yet, it was evident to us that these young professional in Kobuleti were hungry to learn new skills and opportunities to reach their own potential. After all, it’s them who are the key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. As an organization, we wish to continue strengthening and supporting the achievement of the Global Goals by addressing education for sustainable development and capacity building. By doing so we take action to foster an entrepreneurial culture and mentor young entrepreneurs through cost-effective educations. As a result, we continuously align our efforts to:

  1. Goal 4: provide knowledge and hold consultations on sustainability and storytelling for change while securing affordable vocational training for youth.
  2. Goal 8: promote policies that encourage entrepreneurship.

By providing these services and resources that were not yet available in the community and to the young professionals before, SOCENT CPH helps build an engaging path to information, human communication and transform our world into a better place.

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