About Us

We are a group of social entrepreneurship enthusiast with both an education and professional background within this field. Responding to the greater access to social entrepreneurial content in Copenhagen, we are pleased to launch events that are designed to support social entrepreneurs and changemakers with practical skills and knowledge bases critical to success in the field.

We aim to dig deep into Copenhagen’s network of social entrepreneurship professionals to feature a diverse collection of leaders who have honed their know-how through practice. Our events intent to have presenters share their knowledge and breadth of experience, leaving participants with tangible skills or lessons learned to apply to their own projects and changemaking trajectories.

Our Team

Adriana Romero

Founder & Strategic Program Designer

“I believe that enhancing a social entrepreneurship ecosystem brings an enriching nexus to the public, private and non-profit sectors”. 

Adriana is passionate about inspiring creativity to harness social impact. Prior to starting #SOCENTCPH, Adriana spent years working in both the private and development sector, particularly in international settings. She holds an MSc in Business, Language & Culture with a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and a BA in Economics.

Lina Sazanauskaite

Communications Lead

“It is my believe that connecting social entrepreneurial minded people through #SOCENTCPH’s network and its activities could create a great social impact on a larger scale, as building inclusive and broad networks within social entrepreneurship field is an important part of creating innovative solutions for unmet needs”

Prior to joining #SOCENTCPH, Lina has worked within business strategies, marketing, public relations and communications within the public, private and NGO sectors. She holds BA in Communications and a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Management from Roskilde University.

Vladas Cizas

Event Facilitator

“Connecting social entrepreneurs through #SOCENTCPH could foster knowledge and experience sharing and promoting new and innovative solutions that tackle social problems that exist in our society.”

Prior to joining #SOCENTCPH, Vladas worked with non-profit organizations at managerial level, including responsibilities such as fundraising and project management. Additionally, he has international experience working with youth and development projects in both Europe and Asia. He holds BA in Tourism, and an MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Management from Roskilde University.


Social Entrepreneurship 101

August 30 @ 6:00 pm